See how the beard fell away in 2009     2011 Shave Sasquatch

Shave Sasquatch grew it from scratch for St Baldrick's 2010

Pictures and video of the 2010 shave

And here it is, one year's growth
March 16, 2010

The bangs are too long when a hairnet becomes construction attire
Feb 27, 2010

Looks acceptable slicked back
Combed down to show the true length
Feb 2, 2010

Hairy New Year
Jan 6, 2010

Still cycling weather at 30 degrees below zero
The white on the jacket isn't snow it's frost from my breath
Dec 7, 2009

Brisk bike ride at 10 degrees below zero
Dec 2, 2009

Nothing cooler than the exam shades from the optometrist
Dec 1, 2009

Current events Halloween costume Oct 31, 2009

The bangs now reach the brow Oct 24, 2009
Looks better without the nightvision.

And here we are at the halfway point to St Baldrick's 2010. Sep 19, 2009

Bozeman Classic 5K - Kinda hot to run with this much hair

Bozeman Classic 5K - I'm gonna blame it on hair and heat that I'm being passed by children

Is this my goodside? August 2, 2009

Wasn't I just clean shaven. July 25, 2009

See how it grows. July 4, 2009

T-0 is March 17, 2009

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